Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pinterest Board Spotlight {LJ Fabric Board}

I put together some of my favorite fabrics for a friend who asked me for some advice about slipcovering or reupholstering a wingback chair of hers. I loved the idea of using a black and white ticking stripe or a black and white Buffalo Check and then having interchangable pillows (florals and monogrammed linen) to swap out per season.
Ethan Allen "Parker" Chair ~in black & cream buffalo check: Ethan Allen "Parker" Chair ~in black & cream buffalo check
Ticking stripe and buffalo check. Monogram pillow.: Ticking stripe and buffalo check. Monogram pillow.
via The Forever Cottage

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Benjamin Moore, Mysterious}

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Ten {9.1.15}

Here are my Top Ten "CHECK THESE OUT" links that I've stumbled upon in the past week!

15 Delicious Mason Jar Salads to Make Your Life Easier

3. Genevieve Gorder for PearTree....I am so excited about these Gen Gorder Wrapping Paper Patterns! How fun for the Holidays...and if they are as cool as I think they are going to be...maybe to frame, use as shelf paper,  or use in a million other decor applications?!

Playful & effortlessly stylish with a big dash of soul.



6. ON MY WISH/WANT LIST...big time. Gotta have it! Waiting to make my own copy cat.  Draper James is Reece Witherspoon's new lifestyle brand and I'm impressed with the fun, Southern Style that she has blossoming at Draper James. Fun sayings, lots of Monogram Options and feminine flair. There is an Old School JCrew Prep before JCrew got weird and unflattering feel, but hefty prices. Ok, I'm looking at it again...I want this bag!!!!

totes y'all vanderbilt by Draper James

7. Things You Should Make, Not Buy...says the New York Times Food Section. I mostly agree and will be trying to use these recipes more frequently to cut back on processed crapola.

8. Cate Blanchett is listing her Australian Estate and YOWZA...while her interiors read ultra Mod and actually, in my opinion, quite sterile, THE EXTERIOR IS EXQUISITE. Man, what I could do to this house.  I'd spruce the interior up to give it more of a Mid-Century Modern/ Frank Lloyd Wright vibe to go along with the exterior magnificence. But what do I know...I just know I don't have $14.75 Million.


9. Thinkin' 'bout it. Sadie Jane is a friend of mine. And she is incredibly inspiring. Fitness...errrr, thinkin' 'bout it.


10. Knock, Knock...who's there? Someone who took a fab children's idea and made it into a product with Land of Nod so all of us can seem cool to our kids.  MJ is a friend of mine....hmmm. Lots of creative and inspiring friends around here!

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Malachite Monday {Malachite in the Mainstream: Ken Fulk's Pottery Barn Debut}

Ken Fulk Collection

Ken Fulk makes a splash with his classic Americana elegance, adding a much needed punch of stye to Pottery Barn this Fall. I was not surprised to see a big hit of malachite present in Ken's timeless collection.  Unfortunately, none of the malachite decor items are available at Pottery Barn, which leads me to think that Ken is a legit malachite lover who used his own home and malachite collection to enhance the Pottery Barn offerings. It just goes to show that it works with any style. I am hoping that this is just a first installment for this partnership and that they may release some malachite decor items in a Fulk Christmas Collection!!! Fingers crossed!

Ken Fulk Keyhole Extra Wide Dresser

Ken Fulk Cast Giraffe Bust

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Benjamin Moore "White Dove"}

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday {She's a Modern Vintage Rock and Roll}

I'm working on a major remodel {my own, this time!} and I am under pressure to select kitchen lighitng. I am drawn to the pendants that have a little bit of an edge...nothing fussy, nothing fancy, not tooooo shiny. Something that will still have an impact and add a layer of character to the space. The silhouette of the ones I've been looking at reminded me of the design board I put together a few years back for one of the coolest gals I've ever known....she's a MODERN VINTAGE ROCK AND ROLL. That's the style I think her personality and home exudes. Retro, Modern, Vintage Chic and Edginess.

tuesday, january 22, 2013



-It's eclectic but not junked up. So edit and keep things from feeling too cluttered. It is a little of this and a little of that, but things still stay uncluttered, unfussy and have either clean lines or bold color/texture, with only a few exceptions here and there.
-Shiny objects with bold lines. Don't be afraid to mix metals and styles.
-Statement pieces like gilded gold mirrors and retro/vintage pieces.
-Industrial hints here and there.
-Bold colors, bold patterns as accents.
-Ecclectic different lamps, pillows that don't match one another, etc. Don't be matchy matchy, you want to look like you've acquired and collected or just ended up with all this fabulousness. 

Don't let this look fool you...there is an art to really being able to tell what works and what doesn't with this sort of space.  Fall back on scale and overall tone and like I said, never be too matchy matchy and you'll win with this look.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration: "Cameo Pink", Ralph Lauren

Image result for ralph lauren cameo pink