Friday, October 31, 2014

Fashion Friday: CMH Style Icon + One Cool Chic {Elizabeth Montgomery}

When I was a kid, I used to hear that I looked like Elizabeth Montgomery ALL THE TIME. I knew who she was, because, of course, BEWITCHED was one of my favorite shows. 
But there's style and class behind the nose wiggling talents of Montgomery.
Following trends of each decade from the '50s-70's, she exuded timeless class and warmth by keeping her hair and makeup simple with focus on her eyes. She may have had the best on-screen wardrobe of the day, but what you remember most is her glow and warmth. Style, to me, isn't just about what you wear...but what you exude. 

What better day than Halloween to take a look at her style.
CMH Style Icon and One Cool Chic, Elizabeth Montgomery.

Elizabeth Montgomery, actor, women's rights supporter, gay rights supporter and twitchy nosed lady

Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery - most beautiful witch (Bewitched's Sammantha) ever!!!
Happy Halloween!
Don't forget...

witches are people too!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Heavens to Etsy {Fall Finds}

Fall is my favorite Season.
I think it is because I have such a love for nesting. 

This Fall, I'm gravitating towards WARM, RICH,  and SOPHISTICATED touches that are inspired by natural elements and subjects. But not just your run of the mill, felt acorn and orange leaves fall decor cliches...not that their is anything wrong with that. But, I did say warm, rich and SOPHISTICATED.

I'm drawn to Mossy Greens, Warm Golds, Soft Browns, Velvety Teal and Indigo Blues with interesting textures and patinas paired with a splash of brassy gold metallic accents. 

Here are my Etsy Finds for Fall 2014

pair of vintage mid century brass quail figures. retro home decor. bird bookends.
Brass Quail Bookends
Pair, Vintage Mid-Century
Imperial Trellis Velvet - Fawn - Pillow Cover - 18 in square - Designer Pillow - Decorative Pillow - Throw Pillow
Imperial Trellis
Fawn Velvet Pillow Cover
Marsha & Ash

Bird Feather Art - Natural History Print - Woodland Antique Print - Scientific Illustration Vintage Print
Natural History Print
Two Doves Printing
Shadow Box Edison Lamp
Shadow Box Edison Lamp
Dan Cordero

Blue Agate Coasters / Teal Agate Coasters / Agate Coaster Set / Gold Rimmed Agates / Geode Decor / Agate Slices / Geode Coasters
Agate Slice Coaster with Gold Leaf Edge
Vagabond Queen
Set of 4
Handturned Spalted Gum Wood Bowl  848
Hand Turned Wood Bowl
Sanders Woodworking

Rare Vintage French Trophy Cup 1968 Loving Cup
Vintage Trophy Cup
Edith and Evelyn Vintage

Ikat Bed Cover in Brown Queen SizeIkat Bedding in Queen SizeIkat Bed Cover in Greyish Blue King Size

Pine Cone Natural Soy Candle in Glass Tumbler 8oz Candle  Fall CandleCider+Chestnut Natural Soy Candle in 16oz Travel Tin Candle  Fall Candle

What do you think of this warm, cozy direction?
Blue isn't typically a "FALL" color, and yet I'm projecting that Indigo Blues will stay strong throughout the Fall Season and that we'll continue to see it used throughout the Holidays as well. 

House Guests {Gray Gardens}

Property Photo
Property Photo
You have to click over and see the interior.
Clever design and architectural details make this a stunner.
It's another, "What I could do to this place", place. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Knitting Needles, Sherwin Williams}

Cool Neutral Color Family. Knitting Needles Paint SW 7672 by Sherwin-Williams.

Andrea Brooks Interiors - kitchens - Sherwin Williams - Knitting Needles - CB2 Vapor Barstool, kitchen workstation, kitchen desk, built-in d...
Gray Paint: Sherwin Williams "Knitting Needles" Pink Paint: Glidden Pofessional custom mix.  Color came from an ICI paint deck, as Glidden Professional used to be ICI.  The color is a mix between "Almost Pink" and "Cradle Pink."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume {Roundup}

When I was a kid, my Dad was WAY into Halloween Costumes. It was sort of a creative process around our house. He would brainstorm with my sister and I to come up with something different and unique. I remember my mom staying up LATE the night before Halloween sewing my sisters costume together. That's what people did...they thought of something fun and MADE or pieced together a costume. 
Throughout my childhood I was Charlie Chaplan, PT Barnum's Bearded Lady (Dad had a tough sell on that one, but I did it)..that was the same year my sister was Martha Washington and before her notorious turn at Smurfette. 

Halloween is Friday.
Still looking for a quick costume? 
No problem, chances are you may have what's required in your closet. 
Check out these cool and easy, throw together ideas, that will keep the fun IN and the stress OUT of Halloween this year! 
{My costume is one of these, btw :) }

I love a good play-on-words costume.
One year, a LONG time ago,  I wore my favorite cocktail dress , which happened to be a vintage blue velvet number, to a Halloween party in Philly.
I wore a rubber chicken on a gold silk cord around my neck as a necklace. 
I was Chicken Cord on Bleu.

Vintage Inspired Sapphire Blue Velvet Dress with Retro Golden Gem Brooch Short Sleeve Dark Blue Belt Elegant Drape French Lady Evening Dress

Got 5 Friends?
Wear Maroon.
Maroon 5
Last minute Halloween costume idea? Maroon 5 Fan by avagracescloset, via Polyvore

Buttercup and The Dread Pirate Roberts
The Princess Bride Couple Costume

Monday Musings {10/27}

Here are my favorite links from last week in the blogosphere!
1. Jami Leavitt Photography shares some fabulous ideas from her guest blogger, Amy, for Fall Family Photo Outfits on her blog. {And you may see one or two familiar faces from last year's Fall Photos}. 
2. City Home Collective "Coming Soon, Make you Swoon" is no joke. 
I used to have a boss/mentor who happened to become a good friend, who would say under her breath upon seeing a handsome man, "Boy, what I could do to him"....
Well, for some reason, that's what I think to myself when I see a really sexy house. I think to myself (and well, maybe I say it out loud), "Boy, what I could do to that house". I only saw one pic from this renovation and I knew this home fell into that category...I may do a design board just for fun. 
If you're into modern, eclectic and/or mid-century, 
you HAVE to see this "taken down to the studs" STUD.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Malachite Monday {Volume 2}

I've been seeing a lot of Malachite this week...
Let's get to it!
1. Vanessa from Entre Nous spotted this Malachte Pumpkin DIY from Jenny of Hank and Hunt that was shared on Design Sponge

DIY Malachite Pumpkin by Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt for Design*Sponge
 Design Sponge