Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Heart Valentines {2 Easy Valentine Decor Ideas}

I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day at my house!
I've made quite a few Valentine DIYs but these two projects are my favorites...and they are my most pinned Valentine Projects, as well!!!

Shown in Raspberry and Mandarin.
Free Printable. Frame them, stick them up somewhere...or what I love to use them for: Print them out and tie to a pint of Ben & Jerry's. 

Heart Shaped Candy Box Door Decoration
The best DIYs involve eating a box of chocolates, right?!
Step by Step instructions and inspiration to make this quick and unique project. 


Downton Decor Club: Season 5, Episode 4 {Crawley Women & Their Suitors}

There were a lot of "OH NO"s last night for me. One being Anna's curious delivery (in person) to Gillingham's residence and to Piccadilly. How did she know the exact spot where Green died? And why were Green's final words, "Why have you come"?  All of this has me a bit bothered.

I also did an "OH NO", when Tony didn't take too kindly to Mary's farewell.
Everyone: "OH NO"!

*For my third "OH NO", see below.

I think it is really interesting this season, that there is a full arc with the Crawley women.
Each one, Violet, Isobel, Cora, Mary, Edith, Rose (and Crawley women figuratively such as Daisy, Miss Bunting, perhaps Anna) ...has a story line which involves being a more liberated woman regarding her relationships. {Correlating with the movement happening at that time with women's rights, suffrage, clothing styles...all across the board (and Miss Bunting is quite symbolic) women are being assertive and independent...and learning how to express this new found voice of living in  the 20th Century).

Violet and Karagin.
Isobel and Lord Merton.
Cora and Mr. Bricker.
Mary and Tony...and Charles.
Edith and Gregson.
Rose and her future husband...and how she begs Shrimpy to not force her into a marriage of convenience. That she will only marry for love.

OK, enough of the plot...all I am going to say is that there are so many parallels that it has me wanting another hour each episode.  I mean Violet and Karagin.... are Cora and Bricker...I have to stop...I'll give too much away. In case you haven't seen Episode 4, head over here!

Alright, now for my Downton Decor Observations!

 First off, yes, there was a Renaissance Painter named Piero della Francesca. {In case you missed that in your Freshman Art History Seminar and were wondering}.

I especially liked that we were given access to the Downton Gallery Walls.
I love me a good Gallery Wall.
Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 5.45.51 PM

And...I love the settees. We've seen Violet has a settee.

Isobel was proposed to while sitting on her settee. (What a lovely cinematography moment, btw. Isobel smiling being adored, while sitting on her settee next to her hat, framed by the natural light of her bay windows behind her).


And remember Lady Rosamund's Settee?

And of course...the iconic Knole Settee

{If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know every Sunday is #SETTEESUNDAY for me}! :)

*My third "Oh, NO" of the night was actually, "Oh, NO SHE DIDN'T", in reference to this Violet/Isobel interaction. 
Countess Violet: Hope is a tease, designed to prevent us accepting reality.
Isobel: You only say that to sound clever
Countess Violet: I know, you should try it.

Despite their quips, Violet and Isobel are confidants. Girl friends, even, in their own "old bat" sort of way.
Super excited about next week!
Here's a preview!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Malachite Monday {Malachite Frame; Mix & Match}

Ten Gorgeous Powder Rooms on the Blog Today // Simply Modern Home
Style at Home

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday {DIY Valentine Doormat}

HI! Today's Throwback Thursday DIY is my simple "Arrow End Doormat" that I made for the DECK THE DOOR display at the Deseret News Home Show last October.
The DECK THE DOOR CHALLENGE was all about bringing personality to your front door while staying on budget (under $50). Each designer was assigned a month, I was given February.
I loved this project. 
In fact, the doormat is in use in my house as we speak.

I really wanted to make a door mat. So I did, for under $15.

Coir Mat
Stiff Paint Brushes in various sizes

Black Exterior Paint
Sharpie Marker

Spray Adhesive

I headed to IKEA and found a plain $9.99 coir mat and went to work!
Initially I thought I'd make a Heart Shaped Valentine's Mat but I really wanted to make something that would work for several months and not just be specifically for Valentines Day. Not to mention, I'm not necessarily cutesy...so something with a geometric design is more my style. I thought of this easy ARROW END design that could be used all year round. Actually, I think I'll be using mine from Thanksgiving through February! (Several elements in my design for the Show are adaptable to other times of the year...I use feathers, arrows and stripes throughout my display..I'll be sharing those DIYs over the weekend). 

Once I had my arrow design, I printed it out and used spray adhesive to easily glue the template to a white piece of cardboard. Then I cut out my arrow template. 

To use this template, right click, save this file and print.

Print arrow template, spray cardboard, press arrow template sheet onto cardboard, then cut out your arrow shape so you have a template to trace. 

I then traced the template onto the mat with a Sharpie marker. 
This can be as simple or as precise as you'd like. I kept mine on the simple side. If you wanted to you could measure and tape out a grid so that your arrows were perfectly aligned. I just sort of went at it with my template. I traced with the Sharpie, went over the Sharpie line with a thin, stiff brush and then filled in the center of the arrow with a thicker, stiff brush. (I tried using a sponge brush but it really didn't work well on the coir). The coir is imperfect and that is sort of the nature of working with this material...you may not have PERFECT straight lines...but that is the look of this rough material. 

As I continued to trace, paint and fill in my arrows, I realized that some of my arrows were better than others...I kept the better ones open and didn't fill them in...the ones that were a bit wonky I filled in.  I loved this more contemporary design approach.

After about an hour of painting I loved the result and knew it was just the right, fresh door mat for my February Home Show Door.

A few tips, it did take about an hour. Put on some good music and DON'T try to kneel on the mat. It is quite stiff and a bit painful to actually kneel on that sucker while you're painting. Your knees will thank me!

Be sure to come back over the weekend for more DIYs from my Valentine Home Show Display!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Sherwin Williams "Tricorn Black"}

Sherwin Williams: Tricorn Black (greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Backyard Bungalows {Mid Century Modern Man Cave Exterior}

It was such a fantastic experience to work with Cynthia Bee of The Conservation Garden Park and Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club on this Man Cave. For the exterior of the shed we wanted to go for a bang with this drain pipe vertical garden idea. 
It has been all over Pinterest in various forms.
We selected a color to match our front porch table, that was a Thrift Store find and Cynthia went about designing the project by using inexpensive items that can be found at Home Depot.

On our shed, Cynthia cut the drain pipe 8 feet long, the width of the shed.
She then cut out sections for planting. We loved the deep teal paint that we used on the table on the front porch (you know it's one of my favorite colors), so the drain pipes and end caps all got a coat of paint. You can see that the rest of the installation was pretty simple. Hooks, S Hooks and Chain. 

And Succulents.
It was so much fun to see people's reactions to this installation. Everyone went nuts for the succulents, although, this would make a pretty fantastic kitchen garden with lettuce and herbs.

Our Man Cave door was pretty incredible. It was a fabricated metal sliding barn door.
But it wasn't complete with out a wreath, if you will.....so this vintage dart board was just the right touch. 

And you can see the scale below. It's a pretty small Shed, 8 feet by 7 feet total. But it was seriously the perfect size for a Man Cave, Office or what I would have loved to use it for...a Studio. 

Head over here to see the Man Cave's Interior Design.

It was such a pleasure to be involved in this project.
Thanks again to The Salt Lake Home Show, Wrights Shed Company, NW Artisan Hardware, The Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club, The Green Ant and Humble Dwellings

Downton Decor Club: Season 5, Episode 3 {Nice Kettle of Fish}

This week's Downton seemed to be focused on the women of Downton. And I think we learned more than ever before about what makes Cora tick... and I loved every minute of her story. I like Cora and her more bold London persona. Ok, that's about all I'm going to say about the storyline...
Here are my background observations and I'll be sharing something exciting at the end of this post, so be sure to read all the way through ;) ! 

Overall, I really loved the bold colors that were in this Episode's costumes and the touches here and there in the set design. Is this signalling a trend of  bold actions by the women who are in these more sophisticated yet fun, saturated hues? Individual and strong of character, I'm thinking. 

My favorite touch of the night was Cora's Emerald Gown that she wore to the National Gallery with Mr. Bricker. I felt like in a way, we were watching the Liberation of Cora. Cora as truly herself. Not as Lady Grantham, or MaMa. 

Downton Abbey Season 5, Episode 3 Photos & Synopsis: Even Violet Has Secrets

How gorgeous was the Coral Bed Spread in Mary's hotel boudoir?

Scandalous: Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Crawley checkedf into a hotel in Liverpool to road-test potential husband, Lord Tony Gillingham.

Bella Notte Linens Velvet with Satin Coral 
(Left, Bella Notte Velvet and Satin Quilted Coverlet. Right, Pinecone Hill "Marina Quilt" in Coral)

PALMS & FERNS: Yup, not just the 'it' plants of stuffy Victorian sitting rooms...Ferns and Palms were still hanging around in the roaring '20s and they are still a fabulous addition to liven up any room TODAY. They are helpful with indoor air quality..hmm, maybe those Victorian's were on to something. House plants are fabulous in both form and function. Go to Gardening Know How for "How to take care of a Boston Fern" and BloomIQ for easy tips.

So, my big news is that I'll be heading to a pretty spectacular and formal Downton Abbey Party hosted by La Crema this week! I can't wait to tell you all about it and share all of the details!!!

*For more of Season 5 Downton Abbey Club click on these links:
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And for previous Seasons, Click "Downton Abbey" or search in my side bar!