Thursday, June 18, 2015

City Creek Downtown Project {First Installment, Beginnings}

I've been working on a really fantastic project since the end of March.
The City Creek Downtown Project.
We began by discussing needs, wants, functionality and then some of the aesthetic and decor wishes that my client has. This project will be shared in a series of posts and I can not wait to catch you up on everything that we've been up to. My client has exquisite taste and it has been so much fun to help her put the pieces all together. 

The result will be a chic and sophisticated contemporary space that will be warm and inviting, even though upscale.  It is a 2 bedroom condo with a unique Salt Lake Temple Square view and walk out rooftop garden patio area. To say that this project has been mind-blowing from the start, is an underestatement. It has been so much fun to be involved in every aspect of the project.

Kitchen Area

Living Area with View to Temple Square

Roof top patio garden view
We decided to keep the existing hardwood floors as well as the Walnut Cabinetry, opting to change out the granite for a Quartz and a Ceramic backsplash that will lighten up the entire kitchen corner. The existing fire place surround is a warm, creamy marble. We found an excellent match in a warm Quartz, "Tigris Sand" that will be installed as the kitchen countertops.  We extended the kitchen island to an 8 foot island to accomodate at least 5 benches, making the island an eating area.

We selected an Artisan Reclaimed Material Ceramic Tile from my favorite tile company, Fireclay Tile, for the backsplash. Fireclay sends fantastic samples out, and it was fantastic to see the range of color and glaze choices in person, in the space. We selected a 3/6 Subway Tile in Rosemary Gloss w/ Engobe.   The Rosemary complements the paint colors that will run throughout the condo. 

Fireclay Tile samples, "Gardenia", "Rosemary", "Frost" and "Hydrangea"
We quickly ruled out the glass options as too sleek, too bold in color, not the right fit for the over all look. But aren't the beautiful?!
Fireclay Tile samples "Dusty Olive, Matte", "Dusty Olive, Gloss", "Prickly Pear, Matte", "Prickly Pear, Gloss"
We had looked high and low for a desk station for one wall of the kitchen. This is afterall part of making this a functional and usable space for the home owners and their 5 kids and extended family. In the end, we opted for a built in. I met with the finish carpenter who was working on our kitchen island extension and some built ins in the laundry room. We incorporated several elements from throughout the kitchen, including a simple Shaker Style Drawer front and beveled glass shelving and we made it as functional as possible, to accomodate a printer and cords, etc.

Don, the carpenter's hands...not mine!
Our quick desk design sketch.
And, my favorite part...we selected paint colors for the entire space.

The warmth and beauty of the walnut cabinets was lost against the busy granite and bland walls. 
The homeowners favorite colors are green and we tried to stay with a spa green starting point. 

"Rainwashed", "Comfort Gray"
"Quietude", "Sea Salt"
"Liveable Green", "Softened Green"
All Sherwin Williams

And we called in the big guns for the rooftop garden, landscape architect and planting expert, Cynthia Bee of the Conservation Garden Park.  Meadows, French Parks and Fermob Chairs are the inspiration for this space!!!

Rooftop Patio Garden with Temple Square View
The next City Creek Condo post in the series will include design boards for the master bedroom as well as other decorating choices that we've purchased. Stay tuned!!! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Attitude Gray, Sherwin WIlliams}

Accent Color - Paint Color SW 7060 Attitude Gray from Sherwin-Williams

Brick in Benjamin Moore Ballet White and Shutters in Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray

Birmingham Bathroom Beauty | Holly Mathis Interiors
Close Match to this Holly Mathis Cabinetry

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {"Rookwood Sash Green" Sherwin Williams}

Image result for sherwin williams rookwood sash green

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Inspiration {Benjamin Moore "Dark Harbor" Door}

Front Door - Benjamin Moore color called Dark Harbor.
The Project Girl 

Absolutely love this door!!! 12 Colorful Front Doors | Home | Bright Bold and Beautiful Blog

Favorite Benjamin Moore Teals: Teal Ocean, Dark Harbor, Naples Blue and Galapagos Turquoise

P.S. For more Dark Harbor inspiration visit here. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Ten 5.19.15

1.  Have you seen the laid-back yet incredibly chic Long Island Beach House of Jenna Bush Hager? I'm moving in.

2.  Optimizing your Cloud Strategy: 5 Insights into your Private Cloud. I didn't know I should have a CLOUD STATEGY.... this was a good read. 

3.  My favorite Outdoor String Lights are on sale!!! Get your patio ready for Summer with these cool patio lights that add so much character to your space. 

4.  8 Rooms that do oversized art right.  I'm not particularly in love with the art featured in this article, but oversized art is where it's at for me. And not just over the couch. I like it everywhere. Read this article for some inspiration to get your mind thinking about what I think is the next BIG thing in wall design...people will be moving away from Gallery Walls in predictable places and switching to large scale oversized art pieces. 

Jenna Sue
5. Suburban Bitches has a really great round up of their favorite One Room Challenge Designs. (including Jenna Sue's Bath, pictured above). Erin and Tricia have curated the best entries this time around on the ORC scene. Pop over to their blog to have instant design inspiration. 

6.  The Dowager House is for sale. Take a tour of Violet Crawley's estate real life it's called Byfleet Manor...isn't that so charmingly Downton?!

7.  Life Hacks for a cleaner home. I loved this article because it actually gives you suggestions for a less cluttered appearing home. So many "Life Hacks" or "Cleaner Home" articles say the same things. This is more of a "DO THIS and you'll feel like your house isn't as messy" article. You're welcome. 

Wes Anderson's Bar Luce // restaurant in Milan

8.  Wes Anderson designed a Restaurant in Milan and IT.IS.AMAZING. Although I'm not sure if I always completely understand every nuance in a Wes Anderson movie...I bow down to his quirky and brilliant sense of design, creation of atmosphere, set as a character and vibe. I will be daydreaming of writing my own screenplay at one of the tables at Bar Luce in Milan for a decade or so.

Living Room Summer Pillows - Life On Virginia StreetBindi___Kelly_Co_52e17a1ddcdb6{Schumacher Citrus Garden in Pool}

9.  Take a peek at Sarah's Summer Living Room Dreams at Life on Virginia Street. The Queen of keeping things Fresh yet inviting, Sarah shares her swap outs (textiles, art, accessories) and what she'll be keeping an eye out for to complete her new look this Season. 

Like food prep but for hair...totally gonna change my routine for life!

10.  5 Day Hair Recipe. Yes, Please. And THANK YOU, Cara!! If you're like me, there are other things I'd like to spend my time on, other than my hair. I have REALLY thick hair and it takes me forever to dry and style my hair. I've been on a 2-3 day schedule but seeing this tutorial from Cara Brook of Maskcara makes me think WHY NOT?! I'll be giving this a go this Summer! Her product reviews are always so helpful, too. So even if 5 Days seems a tad grody to you, check it for the product info anyway! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Recycled Barn Wood Tile

Recycled Wood Wall Tile is something that I've fallen for over the past year.
I was first introduced to E & S Tile and their recycled line of barnwood tile by my friend Erin of Suburban Bitches, when she used their tiles in her kitchen remodel.
herringbone backsplash_Suburban Bitches
Suburban Bitches
I was fascinated by the product and couldn't stop thinking of the endless applications that it could be used for.  So, how excited do you think I was when  E & S wanted to team up with me on a project using a recycled tile of my choice?  I was OVER THE MOON ECSTATIC!!!
I love getting my hands on a product to really feel the quality and integrity of it.

I opened the box and was seriously in love with the look of the wood. The tiles come in A and B patterns (marked on the back) so that you can easily link tiles to create the desired
herringbone pattern.
And then I was like,
 "I want this in my kitchen as a backsplash.
And I want this in the back of my bookshelves.
And I want this on my kitchen island.
And I want this on the walls of my mudroom.
And I want this on a feature wall in my guest bathroom.
And I want this as a coffee table top.
And I want this in my fireplace surround.
And I want this as a headboard.
And I want this as an art installation in my stairwell."
And so I pretty much ran around my house holding it all up in various places and was totally taken by the texture, color, character that is instantenous.

There was just one itty bitty thing that I had to keep in mind...
We're moving. Like in 3 weeks.
I knew that I would be using this in our new home in the Pacific North West at some point in the future. And I wanted to experiment with the product and see how it would lend itself to a DIY application or use on a smaller, less permanent scale, while still adding that character and texture that I love the barnwood for. With the size and scale of the tiles, it's easy to use it in a smaller project.


I decided that I would make a hanging Art Piece out of the tiles.
It was honestly the most fun DIY I've done in over a year and the tile was incredibly easy to use.
I pretty much just measured, cut and glued.

Here is my finished art piece hanging over my "Dovetail Gray" Beadboard.

I started with an old piece of scrap plywood that I measured, cut and roughly sanded.
I screwed in hanging hooks BEFORE I added the tile, just in case I biffed the drill or I had a split in the wood or really messed this step up, I wouldn't be damaging the finished product. Also, I knew that to hang this I would need some heavy duty hardware due to the weight of the wood tiles.

I played with the tiles, measured and cut them.
Then I glued them onto the backer board using Liquid Nails.
If you are using the tiles for a more permanent or kitchen/specific use, please consult E & S for technical application methods specific to your project. I used Liquid Nails for this DIY for simplicity and because my project was for decorative use only.

The Headboard started to take shape. And it was so much fun to put it together.
(You can see these are real pics of my messy garage...this was a real project, no fancy editing or filters so that you can see the real process and the real look of the tile).

I'll be sharing a Portfolio of E & S Tile installations as well as my own Reclaimed Wood application inspiration ideas.
Come back and see it on Monday!

***The recycled tile was provided to me by E & S Tile. As always, ideas and opinions are my own and uninfluenced.